Babies Born with Diseases – The New Normal


The health of a baby starts much before he/she is born, it starts with the parents and their dietary lifestyle, their dietary lifestyle plays a huge huge immense role in pregnancy, both leading up to conception of the pregnancy and especially during the pregnancy. If we are to reverse this alarming issue we must adopt a much healthier dietary lifestyle. Gurbani and meditation also plays a huge role in pregnancy. One that we must uphold. Also know that children are not ours, they are the Guru’s, and we have been given the seva of teaching them Sikhi and providing them a Sikhi upbringing in the image of the Guru. Which also touches on that since the children belong to the Guru it is a requirement to set the childrens life according to Sikhi, starting their life by asking for the blessings of the Guru to bless us with a Hukamnama to start the childs life and choose his/her name. If we think a child to be our own, our own doing creation, then we may in unknowingness pick his/her name, but if we rightfully know a child to be the Gurus and us being blessed with the seva of raising that child according to Sikhi, then we will know the unspeakable blessing of bringing a child to the Guru and being blessed with a name for the child through the Guru’s hukam.


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