Life before Organics


What a hard pill to swallow. There was a time before the term ‘organic food’ existed, thats because nearly everything was real food or otherwise known as today, organic food. Lets take a look at the word organic and its dictionary definition. In your family, you must have heard stories of how your grandparents and great-grandparents were so strong and healthy. Their diet was organic and their lifestyle was active and fit. The parchar for organics was not needed, because the subset was non-existent. Even though people may have ate sugars, their bodies were much much less likely to create diseases and unhealthy decisions. Speaking about sugar, the common sugar today is not a healthy form of sugar. Processed and refined fructose sugars are not the sugars our ancestors ate. They consumed raw sugars such as cane sugar.

Not only all this, but our ancestors meditated and lived a live of strong-faith towards Sikhism. Infact, as today where commonly only amritdhari Sikhs read and contemplated Gurbani and did Nitnem, every Sikh read gurbani and did nitnem, not only amritdharis. As it is the practice of Gurbani that makes a Sikh, not inheritance or simply a last name of Singh and Kaur inherited.



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