The Organic Way


Its come to this, where we have to educate on the fact that ‘organic food’ is actually ‘real food’ and anything else is a disease waiting to happen. How can we begin telling you the benefit of eating real food? How about the different between real food and the ‘other stuff called food’, bottom line is that organic food is like premium fuel for the body. We need to stop associating food with taste and flavour but instead with nutrition and performance. Just like we measure the performance of anything, such as a car, a product, or a service. Food will determine the performance of this incredible machine. Feed it processed, GMO, non-organic, sugary, oil food, and it will run like garbage. Feed it good real food, you get the idea. This ties with the fact that this body is not actually ‘us’. We are not a body, we are in a body. Say to yourself, ‘I am not a body, I have a body and I am living in it’. Engraving this mindset will change the way you look at not only yourself but the whole world. An important teaching of spirituality that must be realized to progress in meditation. To be all the time actively aware of what we feed our body until it becomes a sub-conscious action we live our lives by. An organic diet plays an important and crucial part in our responsibility to this god-given body.


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