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Simple & Inspiring Stories from Sikh History

We've selected one of the best and inspiring 74 stories from Sikh history for you to relish. Includes a special section with rare stories about brave Sikh women from the 16th, 17th, 18th,19th century. (Pic on the left is courtesy of

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'Pooja da Dhann' (correct use of donation money)

Pooja (worship) Dhann (money, resources). 'Pooja da Dhann' refers to the money and resources received from the Sikhs and other communities in donation. This is never to be used for opulent purposes or to ones leisure and comfort. This section contains many stories from Guru Sahibs and Sikhs from 20th century about the proper use of 'Pooja da Dhann' and the consequences of wrong use. On the left is a pic of Baba Harbans Singh Ji Delhi wale, former head of Kar Seva, who dedicated their life to selfless seva of construction and maintenance of Gurudwaras in India.

Bhagat Ji wrote this document with a lot of dedication and devotion and they practice what they preach.

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Combined Table of Contents of all 'books (Pothis)'

Bhagat Ji has written 10 books which cover a wide spectrum of topics such as novel Gurbani meanings based on Sikh history, wedding ceremony, Amrit Sanskar, Gurbani Pronunciation, Gurmukhi for kids and physical health. The document contained in this section combines table of contents of all the books so that the reader can have an overview of all the treasure that is available to them through this website. All the pothis are accessible from the clickable slideshow on the main page.

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