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The Simple Life of Bhagatji (Punjab, Montreal and now)

More than three decades ago, Bhagat Ji started their project of Guru Granth Sahib Ji's meanings from Punjab with no money in hand. They started doing complete recitation of SGGS single handedly in 5 days at residences of families in India. Bhagat Ji did not keep any set price for this task which they did with passion and therefore was always rewarded and respected more. Over a period of few years, as more volunteers got together in India, they bought a bus and ferried pilgrims to various Gurudwaras in Punjab and took a minimum fare for the same. Bhagatji collected newspapers, discarded iron objects and just anything that would get money at a recycling depot. In this way, they to pooled money to publish their first book 'Gurparmesar Poojeeai.'

Destiny brought Bhagat Ji and Bhai Jawahar Singh Ji to Canada in 1997 and after preaching at Malton Gurudwara for a while they went to Lasalle Gurudwara in Quebec. Bhai Jawahar Singh Ji (in the pic) had met Bhagat Ji in 1994 and awed by their simplicity and divinity, always stayed with them since then. At Lasalle, they continued the seva in a secluded shed where the heating arrangement gave away one winter. Bhagatji and Bhai Jawahar Singh Ji did not ask the Sikh community to spend money to repair it but instead, wore winter jackets and pyjamas throughout the whole winter. For 2 years, they also collected empty glass bottles from garbage cans to collect money for publishing the second book. Such simplicity, passion and mindblowing humility won the hearts of many youth from Canada and came into being in 2006.

Benefits, as per Gurbani, of doing physical and monetary seva

Gurbani highlights many times the immeasurable positive outcomes of doing seva, such as:

gur syvw qpW isir qpu swru ]

gur saevaa thapaa(n) sir thap saar |

Service to the Guru is the most excellent and sublime penance of penances.

gur syvw krau iPir kwlu n Kwie ]

gur saevaa karo fir kaal n khaae |

So serve the Guru, and you shall not be consumed by death.

Works to date

10 books, SGGS Audio portable player, Turban Day for Sikh Awareness and more... passionately promotes the supports the works of Bhagat Jaswant Singh Ji who has devoted his lifetime in the service of translating various Sikh scriptures. Bhagat Ji’s books on the correct pronunciation and transliteration of Sikh scriptures are based on 40 years of comprehensive research on Gurbani. Bhagat Ji has published 10 books till date. 8 out of the 10 have been converted to audiobooks and 5 to videobooks. They spent five years to record the correct recitation of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Future Works

Comprehensive SGGS meanings, Smartphone app, Operational center with gym in Brampton, Calgary, Vancouver, and more...

Our future projects include penning down in-depth meanings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and creating a database software for the same. The purpose of this project is to make an index and a keyword search accessible through the Internet, computer and mobile platforms. Furthermore, this project will provide an excellent learning tool for children and beginners to appreciate the complexities and intricacies of Sikh scriptures. Our objective is to establish an extensive literature database to promote further academic research on Sikh scriptures and culture, which has not been done before.