Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Many common and intriguing questions in Sikhism have been answered in the most beautiful uncontroversial manner with references from Gurbani Ji. Some of the questions covered are shown below with their location in the book.


 08. Are sants to be called the same form of the True Guru or bigger than the True Guru?

 20. According to Gurbani, when and how was the world created?

 27. Did Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji call upon any goddess such as Chandi or Durga for help?

 33. Is it possible to do Simran while sleeping?

 47. If someone meditates on the Name ‘Vaheguru’, do they need to read Gurbani?

 86B. Why recite the Vaheguru mantra?


 06. Story of Sri Guru Hargobind Ji leaning war tactics and martial arts and teaching it further.

 21. Important points on how to have a longer life with simple health precautions.

 27. Benefits of waking up early in the morning @ AmritVela (ambrosial hours)

 51. How to take care of animals

 53. Tips for driving safely and ensuring long life of vehicles

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